CD-rs going bad?


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I recently discovered that some of my saturn CDrs (Shining Force III Premium disc is the one i am really concerned about)no longer work. I have a model 1 saturn, and I use the swap trick, but with these particular games it just treats them as audio cds (when i dont have my 4-in-1 cart in). The weird thing is that it goes to the 4-in-1 menu when i do have it in, but then when i push start game it just does the same thing. But i always thought it checked to make sure it was a saturn game before checking the cart slot...? I am just very confused right now. All of them are burned at 2x, and none are that old burns (im pretty sure all under a year old)I seem remember hearing that over time something happens that can make them no longer boot. Is this what is happening? thanks


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It's possible that your CD-Rs are failing. If you used cheap/crappy media then it is likely. Where do you store them? Does the temp. in your location get high? Low? How humid?

CD-Rs are not a permenant storage solution (hell, even "real" CDs aren't), but if you store them in good conditions they should last some years.

Model 1 Saturn

Swap trick

Cd-Rs burnt at low speeds

Some games stop working and you don't know why...

My Model 1 Saturn does the same thing. Tested them on a newer Model 2 and, not surprisingly, they worked. Although the quality of the CDs does matter -never use "Nacar" CD-Rs
-, maybe the problem is in your Saturn. I bought mine in 1995 and it gets easily overheated and stops reading some CD-Rs that it doesn't like. Yeah, it's strange. A luxury-loving Saturn that will eventually play only original CDs. That's why I bought another one


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Originally posted by Supergrom@Nov. 26 2002, 10:42 am

Im seriously looking into getting a model 2 saturn and chipping it, but the possibility of getting a 64 pin scares me a little =(

Just get a mod from Gamegizmo and you should be right.