CDRW on SegaCD?

[Mods, excuse me if this seems to belong in the "burning" section. But this topic involves modifying the Sega CD to read CDRWs]

I have a version 1 Genesis with a top-loading version 2 Sega CD.

My CD burner is a TDK Velocd 24X using Nero.

I was happy when my very first burned CDR game, "OOW2/Heart of the Alien," worked perfectly. This disc was a 700MB Memorex burned at 24X and using DAO/Disc-At-Once.

I recently bought 30 cheap CDRs, "Starlogic" brand, for $10US. They also work great but make an odd high pitched sound when played. Very odd. I suspect it is the SCD laser gun and not the actual disk.

It seems every disk I try works great, except a "circuit city" brand 700MB CDR. The SCD seems to take a long time to find audio tracks among other oddities. These CDR have been used before as audio CDs, boot CDs, data, mp3, and even VCDs. They perform well but seem slow in the Sega CD.

Ok, one day I was running low on CDRs and thought I would try a CDRW. The SegaCD didn't even spin, it was like a disc wasn't in the drive.

I decided to do quick surgery on my SCD :smash and see if I could modify it to read the CDRW. I had my doubts since this drive was released in '93, the same year PCs seen there first CD-ROM drives.

To my surprise it worked. :cheers but later I found a problem when it tried to play the audio tracks to the game. The game loaded fine, but the audio would sometimes be out of sync or not play at all.

After a bit more surgery :smash I found the source of the problem and corrected it. Yahoo!

It works great and I now test my burned games on CDRW before I burn to CDR. I do this because a few games, EarthWorm Jim for Ex., seem to not work or are from another country and "locked" out.

Better yet, it now reads the "circuit city" CDRs better than ever.

Has anyone else done this?

I want to work on a tutorial to help anyone else that wishes to do this, but I don't want to waste my time if no one is interested ... or if a guide of this kind already exisit.

I have only been able to test 4X CDRWs burned at 4X from 3 brands; TDK, HP, and DigitalMedia. All of these are 650MB. Has anyone been able to successfully use the higher speed CDRW, in particular the 10X or higher?

Can anyone help me here?



my sega cd will not detect a game in the drive. can you write tutorial on that?

(sorry that wasn't much help. but after i get my SCD working again i'd really like a tutorial on how to make it play CDRW's

Does anyone have a digital camara to donate?

It's a pretty simple process, but it must be precise. I've only had the chance to try this on 1 SCD.

It is a model 2 SCD, to be exact "Model 4102A" Manufactured March 1995. Probably one of the last on the assembly line.

I'll start on this right away, I really wish there was a way to take pictures. I want to get this out as soon as possible so I can hear of people's result. I'm also curious if this works on other models of SCD ... if anyone is brave enough to try.

Thanks for the interest, I'll post ASAP!

I was able to get a Canon S30 digital camara on loan for a few days. It seems like a great camara and I'll try to have a nice easy visual explanation of what I did to make it work. I hope it helps others.

My email me is:

Wow, this will be great... i can't wait to put it down in my sega archive.

Waiting for this little bit for.. awhile.
Wow, I thought for sure that this has been done before. I was initially looking for recommended CDRWs for the SegaCD, hence the warning to the MODs.

I never received any email so I should finish up the guide tomorrow, April 16th. I hope I can have it for download before the 17th. I already have some great pics, I just need to quickly throw them together.

BTW, while I have a 3.2MegaPixel camara is there any pics I should take of the Model 1 genesis or Model 2 sega CD. I'd imagine they could be used as reference for some people. If anyone wants a large close-up of any parts just email me. :) The camara goes in a few days. :-(