CeBit 2k2

CeBit 2002.

For those who don't know what this is its a technology meeting in Germany where all technology companies show their new products and bla,bla,bla.

We got the Sony stand.As usuall in stands we get a pen as a gift.As we looked at the pen we saw something pretty amazing.The pen had the writing Sega-PS2.Some people said that Sony bought out sega,while others said that its just a sign for good teamwork of them both.Will we get a funny surprise at E3?
I would imagine it's just a promotional item after the success of VF4, Rez and NBA 2K2.

If Sony bought Sega I would seriously find a new hobby - things are bad enough as it is without that happening.
I think it would be better than if Microsoft would be buying Sega.And don't forget that Microsoft tried to buy Sega but Sega denied.Well Sega of Japan allready anounced that over 50% of the sega games are going to be PS2 games so i think its a sign of a good collaboration.
If sony bought sega I'd unfortunately have to hate sega too. I hate sony with a burning passion, just because their products never seem to last more than 2 or 3 months without breaking.
I know what Ratamahatta means. I got a PS2 this Xmas and now durring games it somtimes stops loading or the games grafx become blurry. Sonys as bad as M$ if you ask me.
I know people that bought 3 Dreamcasts because every time something broke.

First one:GD Drive

Second One:pad connectors

Third one:Total blackout,voltage error.

I personaly bought 2 DCs because my first one had GD reading errors all over the place.My second one works fine.

I don't think there is a perfect manufacturer.All new consoles get broke.Thats because the manufacturers have to make their consoles cheaper and that must happen someway.
I know two people who bought DC's when they first came out. After about a year both of them had problems. I have never heard of people having problems with the contolers however, and my own own DC controls have gone through a lot of punishment (ex: When I couldn't beat a mini game in Crazy Taxi 2 I through my control against a cement wall).
The dead controller fault on DC is very easy to fix, it's just a case of replacing a 5 ohm resistor on the controller port board. :biggrin:
now you see why the us warranty on electronic goods sucks

its a year hear, not 90 days

and if anyhting i brought, (m$, sony, nintendo, sega, whatever) started scratching the games id demand a replacement disc and a repair to the console at the very least

this is also the reason why i dont like tray loaders, in the event something somehow finds its way inside the mechnism its a pin to notice or even fix it yourself (a problem top loading systems wouldnt have)
this is also the reason why i dont like tray loaders, in the event something somehow finds its way inside the mechnism its a pin to notice or even fix it yourself (a problem top loading systems wouldnt have)

Also, top-loaders are less likely to break in general, because they don't require a loading mechanism and don't have a tray that can be mistaken for a cup holder. :biggrin:
I've had a spot of trouble with the Sony Playstation. The spindle that holds the CD in place just fell apart one day. But then again, I did have my playstation for about 3 years when that had happened.
ahh if they only made consoles like my burner 2x burn 6x read ide 500 for it new through contacts my mom had. it still burns infact i burn all my saturn games that way since i don't have to worry about it burning in some way that the saturn won't read. also i know what you guys mean i have a friend he got a ps1 and the memory card slots didn't work. so he had to take it back. and for dc's and saturns i have never run into one that had any problems.
I don't know even one console that didn't break.Most of my friends have different consoles so i know what i am talking about.I've seen everything.Saturns burning out,GD drives going to ####,and so on.EVERY console breaks.I just a matter of how much you use it.Its just because consoles have to get cheaper and that must happen somehow.So they make cheaper parts(not only at the price but also for the sake of quality)and consoles break easier.The first Japanese DCs had amazing problems with those GDs...have you ever played HotD2 without textures?These are reading errors you don't forget :) I cant tell that Sony consoles are perfect since my PS2 broke too.As i said,no manufacturer is perfect.
The problem with Sony products is that you'll basically get what you pay for. Unlike companies such as Denon or Marantz that use the same basic components in all of their products, Sony uses the cheap stuff in the cheap products. Which is why their mass market products (amps, Tv's, PS2, etc.) break down so often...their cheap. Now understand this...they make GREAT high end stuff, but you gotta pay for that quality.

Take the PS2 as an DVD tray and playback, 2 controller ports (instead of 4), No ethernet or modem, No Hard Drive, only 4 megs of VRAM, even its design is a rip-off of an Atari prototype! I realize that every console needs to be as cheap as possible, but c'mon! PS2 = cheap.

BTW, Sony was kicked out of CeBit for breaking the rules! Sony packed away their 27 PS2's because Microsoft caught them allowing customers to play their machines which was against the rules! HAHAHAHAHA!

There's nothing like an SOB showing another SOB how to play hardball!
I'll second that Sony's low-end stuff is crap - tons of people had SCPH-100x PSX systems break down after about a year of use - conveniently outside even the generous standard UK warranty period. I imagine it didn't help any that the pickup path was oriented in such a way that it moves directly toward the power supply transformer. As far as I can remember, Sony either ignored these problems or blamed them on the user, suggesting ridiculous restrictions such as "Don't play it for more than an hour at a time" (so much for Final Fantasy marathons) and "don't put it on carpet" (I guess Kutaragi found a way to make heat fall out of the bottom of the system). I really wish I could remember where I read these so that I could cite properly, but I only have my memory to go on ATM. Does anyone else remember these claims? I'm starting to wonder if I imagined them. :p

As for why it happens, the need to make the system cheap is certainly a part of it, but I also suspect that the console companies become obsessed with the time-to-market demon and thus don't give the engineering teams enough time to do proper QA on the initial models, resulting in a larger-than-usual number of failures 6-12 months down the road.
Now that Microsoft are playing for keeps Sony will find out exactly what it feels like to be on the recieving end of underhand tactics, exactly what Sony did to Sega and Nintendo over the years. I used to go into shops and be sickened that all my beloved Saturn stuff (and later DC) had been hidden away at the back of the store, and I had to endure having the shitty PlayStation (later PS2) rammed down my throat on huge monitors as soon as I entered a shop. Then I also had to endure clueless salesmen trying to convince me that I should purchase a Sony console. I had many a heated argument (LOOK I DON'T WANT A F*****G PSX! Where have you hidden the Sega stuff?) Now I hear that Microsoft are bullying vendors into putting THEIR pruducts at the front of the store. How it makes me laugh...see how Sony like it, eh?

Not that I go into game stores any more, except the ones that sell retro. I gave up when Sega gave up on DC.

The only thing that worries me now is what will happen if Microsoft do exactly what Sony did? Sometimes it's better the devil you know...
I personaly hope that M$ goes down in flames this round of system wars, cause if they ever get to be the dominant v-game company they will never let it go. M$ has money to burn, and I think it would be a dark day for gamers everwhere if M$ was to take over the industry.