Classic game source out of business?

aight.. now im pissed.. yea yea i know, i shouldve known, i shouldve taken precautions blah blah..

just to let everyone know, i ordered some shiz right?

the same day i ordered i emailed them asking if im going to recieve a fedex tracking number once the final cost is determined.. And they havent responded yet.

Now, i browse the site more and notice nothing has been updated since like 2000 or 2001..

Second, i check to see the verisign thinger, and their shit is expired.. expired like in Jan or some shit..

So here i am, prolly not gonna recieve anything, no support, no clue as to whats gonna happen.. Wondering if my credit card is credited, wondering if im going to recieve my shiz (for all we know they prolly dont have any in stock, price has changed and they havent updated the site) And for all i know they could be out of business, or ripping people off.

Need some replies/comments please. thnx.
If you don't recieve anything within a week or 2 then call up your cc company and tell them about it. The cc company will give you a refund most definetly.
yea, if i dont recieve my shit no later than this friday, i'll take care of it..

another weird thing i just found out..

after i set my date and time in my system (it was dated 2000 lol)

i went back to the site and noticed at the top of every section it said they were updated (my date and time).. Get it? Can we say, WEIRD? possibly FRAUD?
Haha, very odd. I havent updated my online store in a while. But I have not recieved anything new so no need to.
I've ordered from them once about 5 months ago. However, I did my order through email as I found about that site through an auction on eBay. I paid with PayPal though.
well, its friday and ive yet to recieve my shit (2day fedex)


And havent responded YET to any of my emails. Not even a response from a couple of email addresses MasterAkuma game me.

Why does someone leave a site up if they arent operating anymore? Sheesh.
Here are their contact info found on this page.





phone: 321-779-1100

Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

24 Hour Fax: 321-779-0067

Torx: You should call your credit card company to see if your account has been charged. If not, then the order probably didnt' go through.
it never got credited thankfully.

Right now, im doing business with The Goat Store

I dont much like sending checks or money order nor paypal..

I wish they had it set up to where i can buy online with my credit card rather than going through shitty paypal and crap... But ive got a nice list of shiz on order.

And they actually responded to my email the same day regarding their stock.
I've ordered from them twice in the last 3 months, and have received my merchandise. At the same time though, I had the same problem as you. I placed my order, and they said they would contact me with shipping information. After not receiving it, I emailed them and heard nothing... then finally my merchandise arrived in the mail and they didn't respond. Besides that, no problems.


I ordered stuff from united game in june 2000, got the stuff with no problems. don't know about how they are now though.