Cleaning a Nomad


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Just a question, would it be a good idea to clean my nomad? I bought it used and cleaned the outside, but the inside there may be a lot of stuff to clean up, I know i'll have to clean the headphonejack and all, but is it safe to open up and do so? I've done it to my gamegear but the nomads a little more complex.
it's ok, I had to take mine apart because soda got spilled on the six button area and they got real sticky.

Only thing is, I had to find a security bit to get the 1 screw out(if I remember right it was only security screw).
Yep, Lik-Sang have a suitable screwdriver (you want a 4.5mm type). You can also improvise a driver - see my little home-made tool at

for the replacement lens check out

click on the sega genesis logo then click on accessories

Lists for $4.99 US

Bought one from them for mine a little over a year ago.