Cleaning console contacts

Anyone know of a guide detailing how this can be done? I've got several Genesis' that probably need to be cleaned. Although none are showing signs of it, and I want to keep it that way.
The cartridge slot contacts in the console? Piece of cake, if you have something like the Naki Eliminator.

I just cleaned my genesis and 32x with it, they had a decent amount of dirt (as far as contacts go, its not like they were caked). It also comes with game cart cleaner (basically rubbing alcohol) and a handy brush to clean game carts with it. The console cartridge slot cleaner (the big pink thing) obviously will only work with Genesis/Megadrive/Nomad, but the brush is good for any game cartridges it fits in. Read the instructions, though its pretty simple. Don't want to see anyone dumping cleaner in their cart slot!