Community release: Sega Saturn, surprise game


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Almost two months after our last release, SEGASaturno, in cooperation with Hidden Palace, is back again presenting a prototype of another unreleased game, ready to be released as soon as the required public donations are met.

One of the reasons to be present in these boards is doing joint releases with Hidden Palace, as was stated some time ago. This is truly the first time both forces shared their efforts, as this prototype was bought half-to-half by Hidden Palace and SEGASaturno, joining economic capabilities in order to bring more interesting stuff.

This will be presented now as an ask and answer play:

-Is this an unreleased game for the Sega Saturn?

-Yes, exactly.

-Which game is it?

-We won't tell yet. This time it's a surprise.

-Why don't you tell which game is this?

-There's a charm in mystery you'll like for sure, and it's innovative since it's not the usual procedure. Besides, we have our own reasons.

-Well, which company is this coming from? Any tip about it?

-It's from a famous company. In fact, it's one of the best and most well known videogame companies.

-Is this already available in some other console or system?

-It's a totally unreleased game, not available in any other platform. Therefore, it's a never-seen-before game.

-When it will be known which game is this?

-As soon as the target amount is fully reached through donations, the game will be revealed and released to the public.

-Why donating for a game I don't know which one it is until the required quantity is met?

-Because you already know it is an unreleased game for the Sega Saturn, something that is not easy to obtain. I bet there's an interest in making something like this available to everyone.

-Is the game complete?

-No, it's an early prototype. This is not in its final development stages for sure.

-How much do you need to make this prototype public?

-Although drx and us have paid much more for the prototype, we need to cover $550 at least to make it public.

-Will this be a game bound to change my life and perception of the videogame industry?

-I guess not. It's an unreleased game which doesn't have any playable representation available to the public, so it's, once again, about the preservation of a part of history of this console and the videogame industry as a whole. Of course, Sega Saturn fans in particular will be happy to have something new for their favourite console.

-If I donate for this prototype, am I also helping to the possibility of further prototypes being announced for a release in the future?

-For sure. Your good answer in the community releases always help us to keep actively looking for new stuff for different platforms and make them available to you in these very same conditions.


Donations have to be sent to, stating SATURN in the description so we can know for sure the funds are oriented to this release.

You can also donate through the PayPal addressed field in the Hidden Palace Contribute section:

Thanks in advance for your cooperation, as always. Kind regards.

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