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After updating a PC with new system board and processor, Windows 98 no longer recognizes the cdrom drive. It shows in the bios, and if I boot to DOS I can use it there. But as soon as I boot to Windows 98, its no longer present. Any idea folks?
Have you rescanned all your hardware under Windows? (Add/Remove Hardware Wizard)

Or check your Device Manager to see if the CD-ROM drive is listed there, and if so, whether it was disabled due to a problem.
It does not appear in device manager. It is detecting new hardware because of the new system board. However, I am unable to resolve those without a cd rom drive.
try removing the cdrom drive then boot up windows 98 then shut it down and install it again. That's what I had to do with my dvd drive when 98 wouldn't recognize it.
Remove all IDE/ATA controllers (Hard Drive Controllers) in Device Manager, reboot and install the correct IDE/ATA drivers for the new board. If you can't get the CD-ROM drive to come up, try installing generic PCI IDE/ATA drivers and attaching the CD-ROM drive as a slave to the hard drive.

edit: alternatively, copy the drivers off of the CD in DOS mode, then get back into Windows and install them...
Generally you should reformat a PC after a serious hardware change such as yours - Win98 will definetly run less stable than your previous setup (even less than usual).
I would reformat it if it was mine. However, it belongs to my in-laws. And they are affraid of losing all of their data. They have no burner and some digital pictures that take up massive amounts space.
make a directory on the harddisk in dos

copy the contents of the win98 directory on the cd to there

then when windows asks for files off the cd point it there instead

but everyone else is right about saying you really should format it and start again

and cd writers arent exactly expensive anymore (£40 for a48x drive now) so if the photos are that important to them it would be worth getting one

you will also get much better perfromence with a newly installed win98 (faster and slightly more stable)
you can make a boot disk from control panel, copy the win98 installer in hd (you don't have to do this with an original win98 install cd, it is boot cd), have some deltree action with "windows" & "program files" directories (beware to delete useful information), then install again