Console RPGs

kukzz knows the GAME!

That is seriousily my all time favorite game in the world (Zophar though doesn't really follow that optimization thing very well when your a low level)
Lunar 1 on Sega CD was a very easy game, no level ups required to my memory. Lunar 2 on Sega CD was much tougher if I recall, but not unreasonable.

On PSX though, Lunar 1 was pretty difficult, and the final boss was almost impossible (in fact, I beat him with my sole remaining character (one of the magicians) who ran out of magic and could take only 1 more hit, but the old "attack" command just barely finished him off). But I tried several times before (probably an hour each time) and kept losing, so I was really frustrated. And I believe it's impossible to leave that final dungeon, so if you want to go back to town, maybe get some new weapons and items, too freakin' bad. Very nearly ruined the game for me, but still prompted me to send a nasty letter to

Just a rant and a warning for anyone who's thinking of trying the psx version
yes in BOTH lunar 1 and 2 in both SegaCD and PSX you can't leave the final dungeons... always save before entering those dungeons (I made the same mistake in 2 on PSX and had that same damn problem...) The games though are still VERY fulfilling and fun to play from beginning to end. People who don't even like RPGs i've had play these games and they get hooked. They are games leaned more towards the developement of characters personality where you just fall in love with all your characters and love em' to death (even annoying Ramus and Nash!).

That reminds me, I should play through those games again, I think I will when I get home!