Controls on Guardian Heroes


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I finally got to play Guardian Heroes last night.

It is pretty impressive, but I'm wondering -- why do you use the trigger buttons to go up and down. Why don't they use the normal control scheme like the arcade beatumups (TMNT, X-Men, Double Dragon)? It seems kinda awkward.

Does the up and down on the directional pad do anything?
It takes a little to get used to. Panzer Bandits is the same way. Thh only thingf up and down do that I remember was jumnp or duck.
A button Auto-guard

B button Weak attack

C button Fierce attack

X button Undead command select

Y button Jump to another plane

Z button Select Magic, A cancels

(Confirm: any button except A)

D-pad forward Walk forward

D-pad back Turn around

D-pad Up Jump

D-pad Down Crouch

L button Jump one plane backward

R button Jump one plane forward

From GameFAQs

Hope it helps, it's an excellent game when you get used to the control scheme
what as the logic behind that control scheme

were they trying to make it more like a fighting game (Fatal Fury) or what?

All characters have fighting game-like special moves, involving quarter circle motions and so on. The game basically plays like a 1on1 fighting game with tons of ennemies.
Go to the game's options, then look for control descriptions/character controls. Somewhere in there you'll find a list of all moves for each character in the game. As you can see there, many moves are street-fighter/king of fighters style moves.

Also, if you never noticed, the D-pad up is used to jump.

Also, the game has only 3 possible Z-positions, in a similar way to Fatal Fury games, making it easier to know where you are, and to dodge massive laser beams (unless you're in versus mode and uses a flying character or a peasant: they can move between the 3 game planes).