convert bin files from jap game for play on usa st

i got dragon force 2 from ralos ftp, can i burn it as is, or do i have to bin2iso it , convert then burn? plz help, i must play this!
Use Satconv (DOS or Win32) to convert the country code of the bin from Japanese to US. This is assuming you don't have a cart that gets around region check or a Saturn with the country mod.

Then burn the bin by loading the cue sheet into CDRWin or Fireburner and away you go.

This is a very common question. Please read through the forum before posting.
i usually dont get this problem when burning bin and cue files, it was an odd case, i was curious to see if anyone else had had this problem with the version of DF2 from Ralos, the second track doesnt load up in a cd player, is that an occurrence of a faulty bin? or is that my ault for preforming lagre ram eating tasks while burning (power burn) or unpacking the rar files? thank you for your help
I haven't seen a tutorial, but then I've never needed one.

I am considering writing one though.
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is there a tutorial on using cdmage somewhere? ps thanks for your help mal

This is sort of like a tutorial.