Converting bin to iso, audio track trouble..

I've been trying to convert some .bin files to .iso using the Macintosh port of Binchunker. Now I've been trying to do this with my .bin and .cue of Panzeer Dragoon Saga, Disc 1. When I loaded up Binchunker, it produced three files:




Now the first one is self explanitory to me, but I haven't the foggiest idea of what to do with the other two. Keep in mind I'm burning with Toast on a Mac. I figured they were WAV or AIFF files, but I can't seem to play them. Also, when I burn just the Iso, it loads up on my saturn and plays the opening cinema to PD Saga, and then at the end of the cinema when the screen fades to white, the game exits to the Saturn config screen. The last weird thing I noticed about the Iso is that when I mount the image, the indivudual files are not visible. All weird stuff. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
I did some snooping and answered a few of my own questions..

Apparently the Panzer Saga Disc 1 playing the cinema then dumping to the boot screen has happened a few times on the forums, it's because I'm not burning the audio tracks. Which bring me back to my original problem.. I found out what the CDR things are, they're a raw sound format like WAV of AIFF I guess, but I can't convert them to anything on a mac.

There has to be *somebody* here that uses a Mac and has devised some way to burn Bin/Cue sets. I'm going nuts trying to get it.