Corpse Killer?

I have a game called "Corpse Killer". It's a Sega CD game that reqires a 32X to play.

The game itself is kinda lame. Gameplay is basically a screen that scrolls from left to right, while you shoot zombies that fling themselves at you. The cutscenes are kinda cool, in a cheesy B-movie kind of way. But the rastafarian guy rules! "Hey, how hard can it be, mon? They already dead..."

Being a Sega CD/32X game didn't seem to help much, except that the digitization was a little clearer and smoother than that of regular Sega CD games.

Anyway, my questions are these:

1) Has anyone heard of any other Sega CD/32X games? If so, were they any good?


2) Is it possible to emulate these games?


as far as i know, there were 5 scd/32x titles, all which were upgraded versions of the scd titles (right?)

corpse killer

night trap


slam city

supreme warrior

i have night trap, but have not played it in years. i remember it looking better than the regular scd version, but that's about it.

i think scd/32x games were a neat idea, but it was a hassle to get everything together to play them.
re cornersheep's questions:

1) Has anyone heard of any other Sega CD/32X games? If so, were they any good?

Supreme Warrior - is on the same acting/production level as Corpse Killer, although I think SW is a bit more fun to play.

Fahrenheit - decent set production, lots of influence from the Backdraft movie, nothing to write home about

Slam City - have it but never played it. It looks like a turkey =)

Night Trap - I think it's got the best gameplay. None of the FMV titles were known for replayability, but Night Trap's overall got the most fun to offer, imo.

2) Is it possible to emulate these games?

Not yet, but if it happens it'll likely be in Kega or Gens.

A little FYI if anyone's been looking for 32X titles and have been having problems finding them: If my memory is correct, none of the discs had any meaningful CD audio tracks, in other words, they can't be ISO+MP3'd to save space/ bandwidthtransfer. Since all of them have 2 CDs (except for Corpse Killer with 1, Fahrenheit with 1 if you don't count the regular SCD disc, Slam City having 4), that doesn't make it any easier.

Some of the disc images were still a good 400-600MB after compression, iirc.
I was fairly sure Ages did the whole 32x/SCD thing. Unfortunately Ages is the least technically advanced of all the SCD emulators at the moment.
Actually I own all 5 of the 32x cd games, and they are kinda fun....I actually like the Scottie Pippen Slam City game, its pretty cool, and I hate BB games, but this ones different. and supreme warrior is hard game to play not much fun.

32x cds games


Corpse Killer - 1CD

Fahrenheit - 2CDs (Requires the sega cd version as a KEY CD to even play the 32x version!)

Night Trap - 2CDs

Supreme Warrior - 2CDs

Slam City w/ Scottie Pippen - 4CDs

wow 5 cd games on it.....reminds me of the super grafx.
Originally posted by ah ken@Oct. 09 2002, 9:29 pm

Oh...I seek for Supreme Warrior(Sega CD version) for almost one year:(Does any one have it?

No game requests please. Consider this a warning.
Silly me. Of course that's what he meant.

That's why he posted in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.