Could someone help me plz?

Hi, how are you all, I've took my Sega Saturn bought in 1996 and brought it back to have fun !!!

I've seen all the ISO links posted at this site, but the mayor part of it doesn't seem to work :'(, I'm so disgussted. All the links seemed to worked since last year and I can't find any game back-ups even in edonkey

If someone could help me to get an URL to download, I would be very glad. Thank you all for not forgeting this nice console !!!!

P.D.: If you find something plz email me, or put me in your friends list , thank you all.
There are plenty of sites to choose from in the FTP Forum. You may need some patience as the FTPs can be busy. For some strange reason they can be quite popular.

Please don't make a request like this again. Banning often offends.