Couple of Questions about Sega Mega CD


I was wonderring if you guys would know the answer to these questions.

1. Burned Lunar SSS on a regular CD-R the image had been converted to EU

with ConvSCD works fine with emulator.

Disc was burned using DAO.

Why wont the game work on the actual hardware?

burned the image usin TAO, works fine both the emulator and

actual hardware.. strange?

only one thing I've noticed is that everytime an audio track starts I can hear a little "snap" at the begining of the track, this "snap" can also be heared in the emulator aswell.

the "snap" sound cannot be heared at the original MP3 or WAV tracks.

what is goin on?

2. I ripped snatcher with cdrwin, Raw turned off and image as BIN & CUE

extracted the bin with binchunker in to a .ISO and converted the image

to EU region, works well on emulator.

I de-compressed the mp3 files back to wav and made a cue file with

sega cuemaker. burned the image with NERO @ 4x using DAO

disc works well on emulator and on actual hardware, but at the end part of the game, sometimes the speech sequences are about 2-sec off.. now why is that?!

The game crashed at the place where Gillian and Random are captured by the chinese snatcher guy, and Mega cd starts to make a loud loading noise like if it was searching the disc all over and over again from the begining to the end part of the disc.. dunno a bad burn maybe?

anyways the problem is not my MCD because it boots fine and also plays fine so..

could you guys give me some feedback, I know you have much much more experience from MCD problems than I have :D

but thanks in advance