Couple of questions

I foolishly sold my saturn for a DC and want it back im goin to buy one soon and burn my games. I got a few question first.

Does the swap trick really mess up the console?

Using the trick can i only play games form the same region eg. euro console euro games?

Everyone says the mod-chips are easy to solder, if u mess up the solder can u short the whole console and wreck it.

Thanx plz help i really want to play the lovely saturn games.
THe swap trick can really screw up your system if you do it incorrectly for too many times.

You can use the saturn country converter to play all games.

If you solder incorrectly you can run the risk of shorting something and messing up the system yes.
Ok thanx man, i think i will use the swap trick for a bit then think about soldering, when u say counrty converter, do u mean a cart or converting the iso first. Thanx again
Also with soldering there is a possiblility of applying too much heat (i.e. holding the iron to the pins for too long) to the chip and screwing it up that way.
Ok thanx again i will have to thinkk about doin it, no one knows anywhere in the UK that will add the mod chip to play CDR for u do they?