CPK Files: Framerate Info


I've written a program that can play CPK files from a Sega Saturn CD-ROM. I only have 1 issue remaining: I can't get the framerate just right. I've checked out the CPK2AVI program that everyone seems to use and, maybe it's just me, but that program doesn't seem to get the framerate correct either. The author seems to have come to the same incorrect conclusions about the file format that I did.

Anyway, I thought I would ask for a little help on this forum:

1) Does anyone know how the framerate of a CPK file actually works?

2) Can anyone provide me with the *titles* (not asking for ISOs here) of Sega Saturn games known to have CPK files on them? This way, I might be able to hunt down more sample media at the used video game shops. The games I have and have already tested include Myst and Panzer Dragoon I & II. I also have Nights Into Dreams which has some CPK files, but is that game an XA CD-ROM or something? The CPK files are reported as being 0 length. Any way to get those off of the CD?

Thanks, -Mike M.
Hi MasterAkumaMatata,

Thanks for the tip; IsoBuster worked famously. I was able to extract the CPK files from Nights Into Dreams. Now I feel like I'm back at square one. None of these movies work with my player. Maybe one day I'll figure out the framerate.

Do you know of any other Saturn titles that have CPK files?

Thanks for your help...

Scratch that last message: I can tell that IsoBuster didn't properly extract the CPK files from the disk. On some of the files, I get 2048 bytes of valid data, followed by 2048 bytes of zeros and a few FF bytes, then 2048 bytes of the next .ADP file on the disk, then more zeros and FFs. Another file looks mostly correct, save for the periodic runs of 07s.

Any tips? Thanks...
Do you know of any other Saturn titles that have CPK files?
There are plenty of Saturn titles that have CPK files. To list a few:
  • Dark Savior
  • Deep Fear
  • MegaMan X4
  • Phantasy Star Collection
  • Radiant Silvergun
  • Shining Force III
  • Shining the Holy Ark
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2
Trying getting sample CPK files from non dual mode games.
tmmm, you may want to look at acpk2avi's source code. Just search for it using google, etc.

As for a list of games, i'll split my list between the six 'known' versions: 1.01(?), 1.04(?), 1.06(?), 1.07(1995?), 1.08(1996-1998), 1.09(1997 onwards)

(all games are jap unless stated otherwise)



Pretty Fighter X



Magic Knight Rayearth(US/JAP)

Terra Phantastica



Final Fight Revenge

Game Ware Vol. 4

Ogre Battle



Devil Summoner



Arcana Strikes

Dragon Force(US)

Funky Fantasy

Langrisser: DE

Langrisser III

Lunar: Silver Star Story


Sakura Taisen

Shining the Holy Ark



Bomberman Wars

Eve: The Lost One

Langrisser V

Magic School Lunar

Phantasy Star Collection

Radiant Silvergun

Shining Force III S1(US)

Shining Force III S2

Shining Force III S3

Shining Force III Premium Disc

There may or may not have been some significant file format changes between the revisions, so keep that in mind.

Cyber Warrior X
These games all have cpk files too

Alien Trilogy

Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited - Japanese

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

Battle Arena Toshinden URA

Cebu Island '96 - Japanese


Cyber Speedway

D-Xhird - Japanese

Guardian Heroes

Girls in Motion Vol.1 - Japanese

Iron Storm

Machine Head

My Best Friends - Japanese

Pacific Theater of Operations II

Panzer Dragoon 1

Phantasm - Japanese

Resident Evil - (several clips in one file)

Rise 2 Resurrection


Saturn Bomberman

Street Fighter The Movie

Tenjou Shion - Japanese

Tokyo Shadow - Japanese

Virtua Photostudio - Japanese

Virtual Open Tennis

WWF In Your House

The Yakyuuken Special - Japanese