Cpu topic

I know that most celerons handle getting bumped up to the original clock and I am getting a 1.4 based on the tualition core. Intel knocked it down to 100 instead of the original 133. but it still has as much onboard cache as the original P4s. Also at the clock of 133 the celeron is around 1862mhz.

Will it handle the bump in fsb? I've been told the other celerons do with just a simple raising of the core voltage and that should help stablize it.

Thanks for any advice.
Man, you must also check the motherboard you are plugging that celeron into.

Instead than overclocking, you can get an old Athlon XP, like the 1600. More performance with less problems.
Good heavens, doesn't anyone speak proper English anymore? lol ... I need both my hands to count all the mistakes in this thread...