Creation - 3DO

I have numerous 3do games, and I would love to aid in the preservation of the 3do system. I do not know, however, how to create an ISO. If someone could explain this to me without being an ass, I would be more than happy to contribute digital copies of ALL my games. They are as follows:

3DO Buffet

3DO Sampler #4


Captain Quazar

CPU Bach


Digital Dreamware

ESPN Step Aerobics

Family Feud

FIFA International Soccer


Kingdom Far Reaches

Mad Dog II


Need For Speed

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Psychic Detective


Road Rash

Slam 'n' Jam '95


Star Fighter

Stellar 7 Draxon's Revenge

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Twisted The Game Show

Way of the Warrior

Wicked 18

Zhadnost The People's Party
I copied and pasted from codemans sight

Ripping 3DO CDs Using CDRWin 4.0a

1. Put the CD in the drive. Open CDRWin. I am using 4.0a but I believe 3.x will work just as well.

2. Since the CD is unrecognizable by a PC, you can only rip a bin/cue of it. Select the Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors button in CDRWin.

3. Make sure the correct CD-Rom is selected, as well as Disc Image/Cuesheet. Uncheck Raw (this step is very important as it reduces file size by 15-20%), leave all other settings at their default and click Start.

4. Edit the cue file to reflect only the file name and not the path.


would become...


5. Now use WinAce (preferable) or WinRar to compress the ISO file. Either compress in 10mb or 20mb chunks, depending on how large the overall ISO is. I like to keep the total number of files between 10 and 15, maybe 20.

6. Once compressed, delete the ISO and use WinSFV to create a CRC file on all of the compressed files.

7. Connect to the FTP, create a folder in the Uploads folder and copy all the compressed files along with the SFV file up to the FTP.

8. Finally, please don't delete your original compressed files until someone tells you they have successfully burned the game from the uploaded files. I can't tell you how many times I have downloaded a huge game, attempted a burn that failed because of corrupt files, and the original uploader had just deleted the original from his hard drive.

You cannot redump the ISO and recompress it, uploading only the files that were corrupt and expect it to work. You will basically have to start over from the beginning and reupload all files again

personally i burn an .nrg from nero and dont let it erase it ...then zip it . Dont know how well thats going over .

bin and cues are just as easy to burn tho