hey if anyone is interested in starting a site with me (that means half the work , or less depending on what you consider to be work ) i would be willing to try it.

i have these originals,,

sampler 2

sampler 3

sampler 4

buffet sampler

alone in the dark 1

battle chess

captain quazar

crime patrol

demolition man

dragons lair



need for speed

out of this world


return fire



soccer kid

stellar 7

street fighter

theme park

mad dog 1

mad dog 2

the animals

incredible machine

monster manor

and in b/u i have

cannon fodder

family fued

slam and jam


shock wave

so if anyone has any suggestions comments or whatever just reply or email me.

p.s. if anyone knows how to get ahold of the person that used to run 3do xtreme that would be a great site to get up again. happy gaming!!!!!!!!
just to let everyone know i am serious about this......not that i didnt have enough to begin with.....

it has only been 3 hours and i have already gotten new b/u games.



shockwave operation jumpgate


blade force

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Hey man, I'd be up for helping out ... I'll set up my ftp this weekend, and we'll be able to get going .. I have e-mails from a TON of users who want to upload a bu-ku amount of backups... I'll mail 'em ...
ya i would add my 3do games only if it was a http site that you wanna open but if it was a ftp i wouldnt do it i hate ftp's

here is my games

burning soldier

captain quasar


crash n burn



demolition man

digital dreamware

dragons lair

escape from monster manor

flying nightmare

game guru

love bites

primal rage

space ace

space pirates

Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge

virtual vivid

way of the warrior

wolfenstein 3D