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Jaded God

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I have ripped Quake for Sega Saturn and I have all the mp3 tracks I converted to wav... and the .iso filename is "Track_01.iso" all my wavs are in this format without the "_"... "Track 02, Track 03" etc.. So my main question is can I rename the .iso file before I make the .cue file? Also the .iso file should be in the first spot before the wav files in the Saturn Cue Maker correct?
Since you name the files in the cuesheet you can name them whatever you like. However, if the filenames have spaces in them be sure to enclose them in quotes. And yes, data tracks come before audio tracks.
You're missing the point of the Sega Cue Maker - it does all that stuff FOR you. All you have to make sure is that your wav/mp3 files are in alphabetical - or rather, numerical - order. Sega Cue Maker will always place the ISO track first.
lol, no I have always got the idea and I could make the cue sheets without the program, everything is fine there and I was just conforming so when I do get my real saturn again my games are working right.