Cue question

Alright I understand how to make a CUE file thanks to the great sheet on this site. However, I don't understand what value the Pregap should be set too. The tutorial here has it set to 2:00. I CUE I got off the internet to help me before I found the info here had the Pregap set to 3:00. My question basically is, How do I determine what to set the Pregap at for a given cd. Im mainly interested in what to set it for Sega CDs.
I think it's standard to have a 2-second pregap and postgap on the data track, but I'd need to look it up somewhere.
Hmm Ok. I was just wondering wether it was safe to assume all games I would be burning for a various system would have the same pregap.
CDRWIN puts in a 2 second pregap on the first track automatically. Most discs also have a 2 second postgap on the end of the data track, but it is not essential.
Oh where can you get that, or is that what its called (I can just use a search engine)?

Anyway I figure I should learn how to make CUEs myself first.
There is a program called cdrcue cuesheet editor, too.

By the way, the standard when you want to add pregaps (not entirely neccesary in certain games, if not most of them) is 2 seconds. Putting another pregap size can lead to compatibility problems with your burner.

For compatibility, it is good to put postgaps when adding pregaps, too.