Cyber Sled

I saw that Cyber Sled was released for Saturn. Anyone who knows something about this version? Does it have a two-player mode? Is it better than the arcade version?
What _is_ Cyber Sled? I've never heard of it, only Cyber Speedway which is a game similar to WipeOut.
Isn't this a game where u battle these futuristic sled things? If it is I have played the PSX version (ohhhhhh so long ago). That had 2 player and the arcade was cooler I think. The one I played on u actually sat in a seat thing adn went and kicked ass, was a pretty cool game.
This never came out on saturn. Trust me on this one. A very obsesed video game collector by the name of G0dz11la (you may have heard of him) has been looking for it for years with no luck. A copy of this game is like the holy grail of saturn collectors.

BTW. He has well in excess of 10000 games for over 100 systems so he knows what he's talking about.
Maybe it wasn´t released, but if you check this page : the company acctually states that they made a Saturn version. It might have been scrapped before release though. I have also played the arcade version. You run around in big tanks (or something like it) in citys and such and try to blow eachother up. Really cool game indeed. Think of Virtua On with bigger arenas.
Like I said it was never released and collectors have been searching for any beta of it for years. Chances are we will never see the beta. And I know the arcade machine. I play it at least once a week at my universitys arcade.
Wow, the screenshots look nice.

Actually, that description of Cyber Sled sounds a lot like the Saturn version of Assault Rigs (I'm not saying it's the same game - it's not). In AR you control tanks in a virtual world and blow each other up as well... and the worlds are like mazes with multiple rooms, ramps, obstacles, etc... I own the original CD of Assault Rigs and it also is a pretty rare game, as well as a PlayStation conversion.
That's probably just a mistake. People forget surprisingly quickly, plus I would guess there's not that many people left at Climax who were involved with Cybersled.