Dark Wizard cue file

Does anyone have a good copy of Dark Wizard? Not a request for the game, but I am looking for the cue file to compare against mine to see what I am doing wrong to make my CD music delay. Thanks!

The first thing I'd recommend doing is to listen to the audio tracks themselves. As rcefiro wrote in your other thread it is quite likely that there have been two seconds of silence added to the start of each track by Binchunker.

Have a listen to them. If there is silence at the start you'll need to use a sound editing program to cut it from the tracks.

If this isn't the case let us know and I'll have another think.
Using Goldwave, I don't see anything wrong with the beginning of the tracks. Did you see anything funny about the cue sheet I posted in my other topic? Thanks for the help so far.

The cuesheet looks fine.

How much of a delay is there before the sound starts?

Are you running the game in an emulator or a real console?

Can you give us any more info?