Dark Wizard

hey sup guys,

Glad I found a site that deals with sega cd stuff.

Anyways I am lookin for the game Dark Wizard, if anyone knows where to get, plz let me know,thanks.
I do believe that this user was asking where to get a LEGIT copy of Dark Wizard. Solid, ebay has a few auctions for that game on currently. It is your best bet to look there for it.
LOL I agree =p Anyways Ebay is where I got my copy....I was stupid long ago....I waited ONE WEEK to buy DW from EB and BLAMO they stopped selling it =(

50$ a copy on ebay...ouch
Ah ok, and yes I mean legit.

See I have the game, but its scratched, which is weird because I usually take care of my shit :(.Anyways if any of you havent played this game, u need to play it, its awesome. Thanks for the info guys :D
Ok Guys one more thing! :D

I jus bought a new game of Dark Wizard at this store that has a bunch of games, I went to play it on my SegaCD and *tears* the sega cd doesnt work anymore, I tried all the games I have with it, and it just wouldnt run. So What I am wondering is, how can I make Dark Wizard into a ROM, I have the game so it is legally mine, but I want to play it so bad!!IF anyone could help please id be mucho happy :D.

p.s. what irc server is #segaextreme on?

NM i got it ripped and all setup. I just played it too, yay!

If only I could get the music to work with the .bin file =/
Err should have worked......what emu and what ripper?

(Yea ripping old scratched cds work 95% of the time, I replaced alot of my old cds that way....direct copy just doesnt do it)
I used CDRWIN and I have two emulators, Gens and Kega. The Kega one doesnt play any sound at all, and Gens plays all sounds cept music. Also i am really disappointed, I beat the first battle, and then after the battle it just sits there...Sux so bad, anyone help? :D
Yes I can help you with both emus ;) If you see webpage youd know why.

In Gens turn perfect sync on or you wont get anywhere. Music....I thought that worked...I need to check that, I know some sound didnt work right..
Hey Mysticales, thanks for the help dude!By turning perfect sync on i can finally play this game fully. Now one more thing, any way to get the music to work in Gens :eek:? Maybe its because i am running it from the .bin format and not iso or mp3??Thanks man!

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Call me dudette, dude, ya know? =p

Yea anyways try to make it iso, mp3 (Use binchunker) then convert the wav -> mp3 and try that ok?
Hey dudette :p

Ok I got in converted to .iso, but I dont know how to convert the .wavs to .mp3s. And I looked all thrue the Darkwizard archive and I dont see any wav files, or really any sound files, all I see that are close to sound file types is .STM.Help!! :D