DC Dance Mat

I want to disable the extra buttons on the DC Dancemat (Hot Dancecast).

The extra buttons are placed in the corners of the mat and give the fuctions of the A/B/X/Y buttons.

My problem with this is that they are too close to the arrow buttons so if i stepped on say.. the left arrow, the back of my foot would get the Y (the pic is a triangle though
) button which also works as the up button. So to the game, i would be resting my foot on both the left and up arrows.

Then just my luck the next step is up so i press the actual up arrow and it doesnt work because edge of my foot is resting on Y so technically i am already pressing up.

opening the plastic casing at the top of the mat where the cord comes from i see that there is something like a film with 11 black lines on it connecting from the mat into a PCB. the lines are made up of a thick one in the middle and 5 each side, which i gather are from the ten buttons on the mat.

i want to know if i can somehow severe the connection from the A/B/X/Y buttons to the pcb from here.

also, will the severed connection result in the DC thinking the buttons are being held down permernantly or NOT being held down?