DC Emulator??

Well one I have says works with all long as you have the .gre file image... WTF is .gre??? Or is this emulator a hoax? I dont think there is a working emu is there?

I would love to play my PSO =) (Left my Dc back home...grr)
of course it's a fake.

you can buy their .gre image creation tool for only 15 bucks.. what a steal. and even magically make pc cdroms read DC GDrom discs!

I also recommend a virus scan, since half the "dc emulators" are actually trojans.
the "real" dc emulators are in early early early EARLY development stage (but they do run limited number of home-brew games). in addition, you CANNOT READ A GD ON YOUR CD-ROM.
While we're on the subject, has anyone proven that it's impossible to read GD-ROM in a standard CD-ROM drive? I'm talking about a serious barrier here, not just "nobody knows how to do it" (which is a real problem, but not the subject of my question).

I know that a number of people claimed that the physical format was too different to be compatible, but I don't buy that - if the technology really was that cutting-edge, they wouldn't have had a second source for readers so quickly, it would have cost them a ton of money, they'd have no reason to make consumer units CD-compatible, and they wouldn't have settled for a measly 1GB when DVD-ROM was there the whole time with 4GB on a single layer. Based on this, I'm inclined to think that GD-ROM is little more than a hack of CD-ROM using semicustom reader and burner configurations. I've seen some claims to this effect, but nothing I'd call proof. Does anyone know what's *really* standing in the way of it working?
It probably isn't that much different, but it would only take a very minor chage to the file system/track structure to make the disc unreadable in a normal CD-Drive.
well, the readable part is clearly seperate on the gdrom.. it's the inner part of the gdrom disc, which is in fact a normal cdrom track. after the large security stripe, the dc gd track starts.
Thx for confirming that. No it had no virus. Anyways.....heres a tip. My Cd-rom reads it. It seems that Toshiba DVD roms are the best there is for "reading" I mean they even read the sub channels for cd-g and psx games etc....Almost the best reader there is.
it can read the cdrom data part. but not the actual gdrom data part. most DC games have artwork, wallpapers and other stuff in the first 30 MB of the disc, but the actual DC game is in the gdrom section which isn't readable.
Yeah, and just to confirm, DreamEmu by Lordcheese and Boob!Cast by CyRUS 64 are probably the two most advanced DC emulators, although the only game either of them plays is Namco Museum although a lot of Homebrew stuff works too :)

Boob!Cast isn't out yet, but look out for it when it does because it's looking like the most advanced :)
Would data file without lead out track be not readable? This happen to my brother when he over burn without lead out track. The CD is unreadable but the file exist when use with the same burning program. Don't know what the program was. Just an idea.
The company Xsido will offer Dreamcast games via Internet for the PC starting from July. Approximately 100 games will be ready to go, which are represented on the PC with an emulator with original Dreamcast graphics.With the Internet connection also network Gaming is possible: So two players can play online Virtua Fighter against each other. Xsido will offer the service in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Monthly fee between 1.000 Yen - 3,000 Yen (euro 8.50 - is 26, - - / US $ 7.50 - 22, - -)

Namco , Sega , soft bank , SK global Ltd. , Wistoron Corp. and Avex had created Xsido last summer. Xsido concentrates to offer contents Dreamcast architecture within an online network. Capcom will presumably follow the network and will contribute software. Until March 2003 Xsido thinks about having around 900,000 registered users .

Sorry if you find any grammar errors cause its just a Translation of the original article through a translation programm. I corrected some errors but i didnt read it through.....
sounds either like bullshit or a project that is dead before start. they expect their users to download 800 MB images for each game and pay for it too?
No bullshit, Xsido really exists.Since over 2 Million people have ADSL in Japan i dont think it will be hard for them to get some games....plus that i don't generally think that a pure data emulation of a Dreamcast game would be around 800 MBs...don't forget the possibility of using different sound,video and so on codecs....

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adsl or not, it still takes several hours and plenty of HD space to get a game in the first place, even with videos removed.
I don't think those guys would put money in something that doesn't work.

As for me i don't really care if it works since i don't live in Japan.But that really shows how bad the Dreamcast was running in Japan.....