DDR for the PC


Mid Boss
Well, I have DDR for the PC. Just a few questions...

1) Has anyone noticed DDR running funny under Win2k? Or is it just me? (ie game plays, but no music, but there is sound)

2) I'm using the DirectPad Win2K driver (via parallel port) for the dance pad, I'm finding that the doubles don't respond properly (if you hit them at the same time, one lights up, then the other, although it registers hitting at the same time via lights on the pad itself) - is there a way to fix this? The Win98 version, on PSX Left Analog does the same thing.

3) I'm guessing it might just be an issue of using the parallel port - in which case, are there any highly recommended PS1/2 -> USB convertors? Even more important, are the same issues still existant, or no?

Thanks in advance!
3) I have an ems usb2 adapter. It works fine with both controllers plugged in. The only bad thing is that it doesn't get any psx dualshock controller (it keeps resetting); but the dualshock2 works perfect.