Dead CD drive....

Hi all,

A cry for help I am afraid.

Whilst installing the Saturn mod-chip from lik-sang I

appear to have 'killed' my Saturn. Prior to installation all was fine and

dandy. After my, admittedly cack handed, installation the Saturn powers up

but there is no activity from the CD drive. I have since removed the

mod-chip and voila a similar non-working/ responding CD is still there.

Does anybody have any idea what I have done wrong (it was one of the evil 64

pin Saturns BTW) and if have killed my Saturn ???? I really have no idea

what else it could be other that I have done something which has knackered

the machine....

Thanks in advance,

But the ribbon cable is back in the way it was originally....there is no activity from the CD drive at if I have maybe fused something or other ????



I finally 'get' PDS and this happens..........
The CD will not spin if the cable between the board is not present or it is damaged. Concieveably, if you spilt solder on more than one pin of the IC (asssuming you were soldering the blue wire on the mod to the IC) the CD may also not spin.
It is possible that the ribbon cable is not quite lined up correctly with one of it's sockets. Try removing it and reseating it.
Curtis may have the answer here....what do I need to do regarding excess solder ???? or is it a lost cause now ?

The pins on my model Saturn are so damn small that I thought it would be nigh on impossible to solder correctly the mod to it.

Thanks for your helps guys....any more would be gratefully received.

If you could get us a picture of the CD board it might help.

Solder braid will help remove excess solder (if that's the problem) but you'd need to be careful not to remove the solder attaching the IC to the PCB.
I always hear people soldering stuff when they install modchips - was I just lucky to get a "solder free" one? I only had to attach one cable to the power connector and pass through the ribbon cable from the cd drive, that was all.
Those ones seem to crop up every now and then but the most common ones thes days look like this


They slot into the main board and if you do your research* you only need to attach power.

*You may need a gamegizmo mod for a 64 pin Saturn.
Bit of an update.....

Saturn is truly dead

It appears that one of the pics of the IC 63 pin chip is now lose and it I press down on it using a screwdriver whilst powered up (yeah I know I am gonna get a shock sooner rather than later) the Cd drive has a burst of activity. Looks like that is my problem with regards to getting the machine up and running again and I am guessing that its nigh on impossible to fix....correct ?????

Should I just give up or is there something else I can do now ????

Thanks for all the helps guys !!!!


It may be possible for someone with the right skills and equipment to resolder the ICs leg, but I don't think that you would be up to it.

Sounds like it's time for a new Saturn.