Death Tank vs Death Tank Zwei?

Hey guys, I downloaded death tank off of SX and I thank you for that...I loved it. But hearing about death tank zwei all the time got me thinking it'd be way better so I got Quake and Duke Nukem and tried it out and I have to say that I'm dissapointed, I actually found Death Tank to be better.

Anyone have both and willing to discuss which one they like more and why?

So far all I can see is that the reload time is a tiny bit faster, prices are cheaper, hover coil isn't infinite, there are earthquakes, and more bonuses in Zwei...anything else?

I know its such a little game but I was just curious on why people seem to mention Zwei instead of the original.

Death Tank Zwei feels much more polished to me. And the earthquakes make a big difference, especially when people you play with suck. If I'm not mistaken, Death Tank Zwei has a few more weapons.