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Jaded God, you just keep on grabbing the wrong end of that big 'ol stick and continue shaking it hard if you are looking for a banning.

Your question was answered and the answers remain in other threads within this forum. I don't know what is wrong with you at the moment, but keep up with the unreasonable abuse against me and other members and I won't have to care for much longer.
Originally posted by Myname@Jan. 14 2003, 2:07 pm

Curtis, you're far too patient

Damn straight. But I think that'll do it...

BTW - mal speaks truth, Jaded God. I did not delete the previous thread...
Given that you've pissed off at least four moderators in the different forums, I think that it is more than fair.
Well, Curtis and I can't ban you by ourselves, so we thought that giving you significant warning might get through to you. ???

I can always make it one more if you like. We don't actually know what happens after a 5th warning. Do you want to be the first?
Very adult of you to hand out all this abuse, especially after all the help Mal (and others) gave you in modding your Saturn.. Which he certainly didn't have to do.

Nice way to show your gratitude.
Jaded... Why don't you just re-post whatever it was you posted in the first place??? .... Surely can't be that difficult?
The original thread was a duplicate of the old "what are the best RPGs". It got out of hand and was closed. As this one now is.
Not open for further replies.