Demo disks


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As the title of this topic states: Were their any demo disks for the Sega CD? If so what games were on them?


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there were some mags with segacd demo cds here, but they didn't live long.. one I remember had a sensible soccer demo on it.


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Sega CD Model 1 shipped with a CD+G music demo disc type dealy... music video or two for each band + record company catalog #, etc to make it easier for you to purchase.

They also shipped with a "sampler" music cd.

I used to have a demo disc or two for the Sega CD.. one had Sonic CD demo, another had I think Road Avenger and another with like... Willy Beamish or something. A friend of mine has about 30 demo discs for the Sega CD. A few are repeats tho.