Did anyone else get the TG16 preview video?

I'm just curious.

Back in '88, I went to the state fair of texas. While wandering around, I found a tent set up by NEC with lots of systems set up to play the upcoming TG launch games. While I was there, I filled out a mailer card to receive a video preview of the system, along with coupons for games and such. I got quite a few envelopes full of coupons and stickers, plus the cool 15 minute or so video, all of which I still have.
I remember getting one in the mail, but it was for the Duo, when it was first coming out. THey previewed Lords of Thunder, and some other ones.
Well, better late than never you know.
Well, i never had a Duo until last week, lol. I finally got one, I lucked out.

But I really cant remember why i got that video, I never had a TG16 either. I must have signed up for something, i guess.

I wish I still had it. I remember I had that one, and the video for the preview of Street Fighter II Turbo for the SNES.