Discjuggler 4.0/Windows installer problem...

I have been able to install DJ 4.0 MANY time's in the past...but for some reason, I can't now...
When the install is starting up, i get a msg saying, my installer verson is wrong!

anyone else suffered the same problem?!? PLEASE help!
yeah, it's using an updated installer thingy, i was using WinME and had to get it. The file is like InstMsiA.exe. You should be able to get it off the microsoft site, cuz dat's where i think i got it.
fyi its the new version of the windows installer that you need, most programs will get it for you if you dont have it either off the net or from their install cd
I hate Microsoft's installer. It bugs me that you have to INSTALL AN INSTALLER to begin with, which afterwards you're given no way of UNINSTALLING. On top of that, it simply puts the application's OWN setup files in an extra directory, therefore duplicating files unnecessarily and taking up twice the space the application otherwise would. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Is this worth being able to "repair" a damaged installation to me? Not in a zillion years. (That's when you simply download it again, probably getting a newer version in the process anyway.)