Discworld 2 (eur/pal)

Does this game requires additional swap? (or i just have a bad burn)

Or this game is uncompatible with 60hz consoles .I patched it to US but cant get it to work on us-ntsc console...

But it seems to work under SSF..

So, does anybody played it on US or maybe Jap console?
i tired swapping with that same game and found i needed to do the swap like this


its a copy from an original i was using, and i was only swapping with it because i was trying the 60hz mode for someone else, (my 50/60 switched saturn isnt modded, and my modded saturn isnt fitted with a switch)

seems to work ok though
Thank you. Will try this swap method.

BTW, did you have MechWarrior 2 and Warcraft 2 (jp) - seems that they have the same problems (need additional original-copy swap)?