DJust wondering.. what software?..

Just wondering.. what's the best CD burning software for making "backups" of Saturn games. I know you can use practically anything for sega CDs and DiscJuggler works best for Dreamcast.. but what works best for Saturn games? I'm assuming that since you can't make a true 1:1 copy (i.e. can't reproduce the copy-protection ring).. I'm looking for something that could make a copy simply.. so as to where one wouldn't have to deal with data, wav and mp3 parts and files as in back in the old "FTP tradin'" days.


BTW-I know this is addressed in the how-tos and FAQs.. but most of them deal with the old method of making them up for FTP distribution online and use the older methods. I'm just wondering if one is best.
Well if u have the origional, and are do a straight over copy, then cloneCD works best. If you dont and you are using an image, use CDRwin