Do mod chips work on PAL Saturns

I have a PAL Saturn and i bought a mod chip from game gizzmo and it isn't working. A friend of mine told me that he had similar problems with his Pal Saturn so are regular 21 pin modchips supposed to work on Pal Saturns? And also on the modchip how do you know which two terminals to solder for the lens settings (0014 and 0019)how do I know if my lense is newer or older?
Yes mod chips (including those bought from Game Gizmo) work in PAL Saturns.

In fact, Game Gizmo chips have been noted to be the most compatible of all the commonly available chips. As far as anyone can tell, the solder bridge settings (0014, 0019) don't seem to do anything useful.

Does your Saturn have an IC on the CD board with 64pins or 32pins?
Its with 32 pins. I also hear that Saturn mod-chips are very sensative to static, is there anyway I could find out if mine is still working?
Really the only way to test a mod is to install it in a Saturn and see if it works...

I've not found thm to be that sensitive; I've put my 'main' Saturn's mod through hell trying all different types of install variations and it still works fine.