Do the series exist ?

Hi Folks,

When I see all the anime part and the songs in the intros of Guardian Heroes and Magic Knight Rayearth for Saturn, it makes me wonder if these are real series or if it was all just created for the game... Do you know ?

Thanks !

Magic Knight Rayearth is definitely an anime series out of Japan. It is a pretty good one too. The manga was done by CLAMP also known for "X" which is an awesome series in itself.

Guardian Heroes by Treasure is not based on any series that I know of; it is just another compilation put together by the masterminds behind Radiant Silvergun and Bangai-O!
Yeah, MKR is definitely an anime. And they have been translated to english in case you'd want to know. They also have subtitled versions. In fact, i've been looking for the DVD box sets for like 2 years now. I finally found them a couple weeks ago, for 120 a set. At a retail location, no less. Nice.
Both seasons 1 AND 2. Now all I need is 240+tax.... lol.

And as far as I know, they released a second "remake" version of MKR also, same story, but different animation, and and the story was changed slightly to make it more "adult". I don't know too much about that though, so anyome please feel free to correct me wherever i'm wrong. In fact, i'd like more correct info myself.