Does Anyone have any pets?

Well? Does anyone?

I have 2 bunnies and 5 fish
2 cats - Gus (long haired rat-bag
) and Emily (short haired with no tail (accidental
4 cats

From largest to smallest:





Four is too many. *shakes head* One day I'll learn. ???
I have 4 fish.

I couldnt visit some of you guys because I am DEATHLY alergic to cats

Whenever I am around a cat for more then 5min I start sneezing like crazy, I itch all over, and my eyes get all messed up. Lasts for a couple days after I am not around the cat anymore too
I have stuffed monkeys, but that's it.

My wife wants a dog, but we live in an apartment plus I'm still warming up to the thought of having a noise-making, food-eating, mess-making animal in our living quarters.
One cat, one chinchilla, one fish, and two gerbils. The cat loves the gerbils but doesn't seem too interested in the chinchilla.
Back when I lived with my mother, we had 5 cats and 5 (pretty large) Afghan hounds.. You literally spent all day getting fur off of your clothes.
man! Most of you guys seem like hardcore pet owners.

My family never went that nuts with pets!

we usually would have a max of like 1 or 2 of one species. lol
2 cats

but i woudln't mind a ghetto rat after my roomate told me stories of how they would chil with him on his couch and ask him if he was watching the tv, that and he said the one sleept on his forhead and his mom had to broom it off him(sure he was lieing about the watching tv with him but i can believe the sleeping on his head thing).