Does CD-Copy in nero work to make backups of saturn games?

I used cd-copy for dragon burned fine, it looked identical to the original in windows explorer....does this work. I don't have a way to test.
According to the person that i burned DF for, the cd does not work with the swap method. So does cd-copy really work or not?
Someone please answer cd-copy doesn't work for me apparently. It burns fine and looks good, but doesn't load up with the swap trick.
I have backed up all my games with cd-copy, all games work 100% I don't use swap trick, i have the mod. Also as mentioned before you can not do "on fly"
Nero Copy worked well for me.

You can't use on the fly recording (like the others said) and you have to watch the speed, some consoles won't read anything written above 4x speed.

also some consoles have a hard time reading CDRW discs, so a laser adjustment is needed if you use these discs.