Does MEGA-CD 1 Euro exists ?

I bought it to a very very very big collector of SEGA items.

It's a mega CD model 1 (front loading unit).

This is untraceable in Europe,all the "mega-CD Euro" owners have a mega-CD model 2.

So nobody believe me,i made many searchs but i didn't found any info about it.

Just that there are pirats BIOS to return your Sega(mega)-CD compatible with any game (JAP,US or Euro).

But i opened mine,and i think that the bios is indeed an original,at least it isn't as those that I saw on certain web sites (sorry i lost the URLs of this

I'll try to make a photo of mine,but i just have a webcam who take very bad the little things like it...
My machine is a "This is a PAL Compatible MEGA-CD for exclusive use in southeast asia." (Besides the fact it's a NTSC japanese-like MEGA-CD, it can run japanese games in 50hz.)

The more interesting fact about it is it's serial number: A20001930 (So I presume this is from the very first batch of the machines made to be sold in the Phillipines and part of China)

Also I suppose the serial for NTSC only machines (Japan only) starts with "A1"

If anyone saw other machine like mine, please let me know ...
The serial number of mine is G20009791

I just learned on a french forum that at the beginning,there were few MEGA CD model 1 sold in England only (model 2 for the rest of europe),but not for a long time,and after only MEGA CD model 2 have been sold all around the Europe.

Where can i find an iso of a japanese version game for to burn it and testing what you say please?

Edit:i didn't knew the existence of a such model like yourth... i would like to have the same :
Originally posted by segasonic@July 25 2002, 4:23 am

The European Mega-CD 1 is very common, I would imagine many SX members own one.

Maybe there are more than i think,but i believe that you're wrong when youy say "common" ???

I repeat that it's a model 1 (front loading unit) who accept only euro games (but i didn't tested jap games).

In USA Sega-CD model 1 is very common ok,but here in europe no i could see that not
they aren't common, but they DO exist. as said before, I believe they were UK only, and only had a small run before the model 2 came. I know in fact they exist, as I had one here.. and dumped the bios of it. it's on eidolon's inn for download.
There are heaps in the UK too. I just assumed they'd be common all over Europe, because if anything is in short supply it's usually the UK that gets shafted. ???
I also have a European Mega CD 1 - I bought it when they first came out in about March 1993. (Paid UKP £269 for it... ouch!)

As segasonic says, they are pretty common in the UK. I often spot them at car boot sales and the like.

I would class them as "uncommon", in the UK at least - working ones don't seem to be as common as they used to be. Maybe the Drive Motor has died?
From what i gather, the mark 1 was released in the UK, then the 2, the 2 only was released in germany. Not that many units sold respectively but they are still easy to find, i got my mark 1 from for about 30 quid, my local market (now the only place in southampton to buy megadrive carts) had two fairly beaten up ones. Mine is practicly mind and i have been bashing snatcher to death on it recently
Originally posted by segasonic@July 28 2002, 8:34 am

There are heaps in the UK too. I just assumed they'd be common all over Europe, because if anything is in short supply it's usually the UK that gets shafted. ???

That's weird I don't see heaps of Model 1 SCDs in the US other than a few on eBay

The only SCD I've seen in person the last 7 years or so is mine.
I have a UK MCD 1 with a v1.00 BIOS. I don't know when and where it was bought as I only got it a couple of months ago by swapping it for an old computer.
I've got two model ones, you see them all the time here on eBay UK. I once saw one sold for £77 on there for no discernable reason, around the same time I saw Burning Rangers go for the same amount. File under 'eBay anomalies'.
the model 2 doesnt seem to be all that comon around here, i have 1 model 1 and 2 model 2's (one with a bad cd drive), and know of a couple of people who used to have the model 1's, and 1 or 2 with the model 2's besides me

one person i know who has a model 2 said he sold his model 1 since he found the connection between the units to be a bit unreliable (like if someone pulled on the pads it would freeze or reset the megacd)
I have a UK model 1 Mega CD, got it for £99 when they were selling off stock at this store. I prefer the style of console to the model 2

Problem is I have a Mega Drive 2 so I can't use my flipping 32X to make that 3 power supply unit monster console the Sega CD 32X!!!

I have a dirty old car boot job MD1, but no connecter to the 32X.
Mega Cd 1 was at sale in Sweden as well. That's where I bought mine.

I heard somewhere that model 1 was limited to aprox 3500 copies in europe.