Does the new Majesco GG work w/ TV adapter

Does the new Majesco GG work with the TV adapter? I ran accross something somewhere where it said that a particular brand or style GG isnt compatible with the TV adapter. I dont know if its the new ones or the old ones. Also, is the screen on the GG naturally hard to view straight on and only visable at an extreme angle or is my screen going bad. Thanks.
On the game gear I had it took a while for your eyes to get used to the screen ...untill then it was extremely blurry
Well the Majesco re-release of the Game Gear said in the book it's not compatible with the TV Tuner or the Master Gear Converter. But I tested my Master Gear Converter on the Majesco GG and it worked fine. So it the TV Tuner might work, but I'm not sure.
If the game gear has 2 notches under the cart slot, the tv tuner will work fine becasue the notches were for the tv tuner stand. if it doesnt, ie: the second gg release, the tuner will not work. Sega changed the hardware due to a falling out with the company that made the tv tuner.
Cool. Thanks for the info. Someday I'm going to try to track down an original Game Gear and TV Tuner just for the fact of owning it.
I have a tv tuner for sale rcefiro

Althought I would love to own the prototype game gear digital tv tuner, thing looked really sharp!
Ratamahatta, how much are you trying to sell it for? I'd love to get it, but right now money's pretty tight and I really really want to finally get my Saturn modded. Perhaps if you still have it later, I may consider getting it.
I forget how much i posted I was selling it for earlier in the months. but i'd probably get rid of it for like 40 - 60 canadian. DOnt really have a use for it anymore. its just collecting dust and I've already had my crack at owning it just as i did with the nomad.

And yes, there was a prototype tv tuner, and it looked rather nice.