dont feel bad, I had worse!

Well, I was going to my senior prom with my best friend kinda the closest thing I had to a girlfriend, then her asshole ex- begged her to go after the promise was made to me(this guy, like a dumbass, joined the Navy and was stationed in Hong Kong on a boat for months at a time and then whines about it) so naturally she broke our agreement, and I understand that, after all picture being away for 8 months and only getting to come home for a week. Anyhoo, 4 months later,(a week to Prom) she got the call that now this jerk didnt wanna go anymore. (if you go to Public School, you know that these tickets are expensive and have to be bought a week or 2 in advance) and 2 weeks before, I spend my Prom money on a Duo on ebay. So, dont feel bad, at least you didnt get shafted by some mother f***er that you never even met before.

Also, within the same year, I was kicked out of my Senior year of HS because I had to move 2 blocks past the border lin of the school area(the school board exclaimed that my family that planned this all along to screw this school out of money, yeah right) So, I got cheated out of a Graduation too.

Finally, a few days before the graduation, I had a surgery for Scolicos(aka, S-shaped spine) which required 2 metal rods to be spiked into my back. Because of this, the C*ck Sucking School-board allowed me back for the Graduation, except that they had me stashed in another room with a TV monitor showing my Graduation class, so I really didnt get to see anyone, so there were tons of friends that I didnt see and probably never will again.....


Bet I win the vote for suckiest year ever huh?
Damn...I feel sorry for you.

Life throws all sorts of barriers in your way, just never forget that with the bad there is always some good.
Let me get this straight.

Were you watching your graduation LIVE, but separated in another room and watching it on TV?

Fuck that shit! I would have walked my ass out there and sat down! Oh, but you had surgery, walking might have been hard. Is this why they sat you inside? because of your surgery. Still doesn't make sense, I would have had someone wheel my ass out there.

How did the school find out you moved? and why do they think it was to 'waste' their money? If I heard that, I would have told them to kiss my ass!

One thing I quickly learned in my school years is that teachers and school staff have to earn respect just like anybody else. Some asshole teachers think they deserve it, fuck that! If my school was dickin' me around like this they would have got a mouth full!
that really sux its supposed to be your most vivid memories of school and you got totally shafted. :bs

i agree, i have this one teacher she lied on my permanent record to get me suspended and then she lied to try and get my computer privlidges revoked and i can't do anything about it since its her word against mine and my friend. god i wish i could get her fired cuz i dun need that on my record when i go to university to become an MD.
thanks for your opinions.

hey gamefoo, I understand about the corrupted officals, same thing kinda happened here. The police over here plant weed on the kids when they feel like it so I heard and at the school, the Rent-A-Cops we had were accused of picking fighting with the ruffians and hoods of the school. If I were you, I would talk one on one with the heads of your future schools when the time comes and explain very maturely the facts of the situation; after all, these folks would be smart enough to know that with every story are 2 sides.

To everyone else, the graduation took place in the Gym but some of the folks were seated in the Auditorium next to the Gym, in which they put me and my Mom(who helped me out because I was only 3 days out of the hospital, and higher than a kite cause of the pain killers)

In the Auditorium, they were projecting the camera taping the ceremony onto a wall monitor thingie so everyone could see, like a theater. Remember, I was in a back brace in total pain, so I had the movibility of an 80 year old, so when everyone left, I couldnt keep up, the only one I got a hold of was the "prom girl" (who actually paid me a visit a few days before) The only souvenir of my Graduation is a picture that is right by my desk I look at right now, me and this girl, she dressed in a blue gown, and the rose I gave her in her hand and me holding my gown(I didnt even put it on) in my hand, holding each other. Sometimes, a part of me dies when I think about it too much

You see, my mom was one of those PTA moms, whom actually pissed a lot of the other moms off, so I guess these bitter bitches followed me home one day and squealed.

The thing is here in Chicago, if you live on one side of the surburb, you go to a punk-ass ghetto school, the other side this particular school, since I moved into the ghetto side not by choice, this is considered a bad thing, and I understand this, and I was offered a choice, leave at that moment or try to fight it and if I lost, pay the school $10,000 (so no sueing). So, instead I took a School class by home course to finish it.

The reason I'm pissed is because I considered myself a good if not great student that actually liked coming to school, and was even admired by the teachers and admistration, yet I was immediately looked down upon and tossed out of a place I loved by these people for a tiny techinuality of 2 blocks of space? They ruined my last year of High School, the one year that I was actually suppose to be happy and everyone expects me to forgive and forget, just to "let it go" I probably never will. (No-good Motherfucking Cock-sucking sons of bitches!!!!!!!)

But, you know, some good things came my way this year as well, I want to say this so you guys dont think of me as some nut,

staying at home, I learning many things especially relating to ISO making, converting, patching, FTPs, Direct Connect, and all types of electronic stuff

I began to re-collect many systems and games this year (thanks mostly to ebay) I now have over 15 systems and hundreds of games, including some rares, like I finally scored a complete Megaman the Wily Wars... for 30 bucks!

I began to re-learn to drive a car (the back surgery changed a bit of perspective so I had to relearn a bit)

And even this girl I was talking about, we even went out a couple of times.( and hopefully still plan to;) Its hard though, shes in college and I had to take a year off (the friggin' college lost my records, can you believe it? And people wonder why I have such a negative attitude....) so that complicates things sometimes (last big thing was that she took me to see Daredevil; that was my Valentine's Day gift; I got her tons of little things, one of them actually a Genesis 3 w/ 2 controllers and all the Sonics; she loves the old stuff, then to a play at her school a week later, which wasnt half-bad)

So, even when things are crappy, I guess they can work out...hopefully. So, guy with the ruined Senior prom in the below post, have hope... (if anything).
Well, if you think you have it bad listen to me!

about 2 years ago was my senior year in high school, i had a great girlfriend (now my wife) was with me

and all was good. about halfway into the year i was diagnosed with Psychotic Schizophrenia with Depression, Forgetfulness, and Psycosis. After some tests concering all that crap they find out I ALSO have hydro-cephalus that should have been found when I was a baby, which is a problem where spinal fluid is crushing your brain. But since it wasnt found all the times I hit my head etc over the years I've gained a large amount of brain damage. And my lovely school kicked me out for the last few months making me finish at home. Also my doctor said I wasnt allowed to go to college or get a job. BTW, the brain damage is almost certianly connected to the memory loss, and I can no longer remember jack shit about anything. So I've been living in a trailer for the last year with my wife doing nothing in a town I was supposed to be going to school in. And not one of my old "friends" has ever tried to call me or see if I was ok after I left high school.
Well, I think that last comment "and you bitch because you didn't go to prom" really wasn't necessary... I'm genuinely sorry for all that happened to ya (and again I think the school is being assholes and should be filed a suit against) - but ddp also mentioned scoliosis and other stuff, it wasn't just the prom thing - better re-read his post.

Your attitude is a bit harsh and it makes it only harder for ppl to show you sympathy (although I do, still)... OTOH that could be your psychosis/schizophrenia making you be harsh at this moment.

What did you mean by your wife's not doing anything? Not supporting you? And as for your friends.... they don't strike me as true friends IMHO, here's hoping you find NEW, BETTER friends.

Hey... There's people who are even worse off than you... Gotta deal with what life throws atcha, and stay positive. It can be damned hard, I know, but it's the only way to make it to old age.

BTW, I'm clinically depressed and have been hard-of-hearing since birth... Have had multiple ear surgeries, and lately I hardly wear my hearing-aid because I suffer from ear pain a lot. But I'm not asking for sympathy - in fact I know how fortunate I am in life. People love me, I love videogames *grin* I'm married, made a successful move from Germany to the USA, where TVs have closed caption, and headphones are a wonderful thing. Plus I have great vision
You're right in every respect, sorry about the nasty comment, i removed it. I DO feel sympathy for him, its just that so far not many have been sympathetic to me. You're right in the way that I shouldnt take it out on other people. Sorry again.

Hi, my name's Matt. I have lots of sympathy for you guys. It's times like these when we people need to stick together.

dibz, I missed whatever you posted, but I can piece together what it was. I know my post about the prom sounded like a bunch of bitching to some people, but it wasn't intended to be read that way. I was really pissed at everything when I posted that stuff.

ddp6678, sorry to hear all that stuff. But, it sounds like the worst part in you life is over, though. There's something to look forward too.

For reference, I have issues too. I have chronic migraine headaches. It's really terrible. I can never tell when they're coming, they just happen sporadically. First I see all these fuzzy spots like interference ("snow") on a T.V., and then I get this encompassing headache. Then after a while, I go almost completely blind and the headache turns into a bigass migraine. Then there's a bunch of vomitting and unbearable pain for around 12 hours before it subsides.

Makes me feel a little better being able to say all of that for the first time.
sorry about the ranting, I didnt mean to get people upset/ giving sorryness/pity. But actually it did feel good to get the feelings of my chest. Thanks anyways