Don't stop! Phoenix :)

I mixed the tile-based version of the Phoenix emulator and the Allegro one, and come up with this tile based version that uses real GFX :


(as you can notice, the BG is missing)

Well, it runs well on SSF, but it crashes horribly on a real Saturn ;_; I belive it's due to my ClsFst() screen clearing routine, but i'm flat out of CD-R's :p The source and code are here :

(main.c file only, nothing else changes, copy over the original stuff)

This version needs the _full_ set of ROMS. notice that all roms are to be renamed to .BIN format when building an ISO... Here's a sample CTI, you can fit this to your needs :

And a small .ISO file to use on SSF:

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Konniti wa, TakaIsSilly!

It's a great!! For me it was just impossible.

Will study your code right now.

By the way, TakaIsSilly, may i upload your version of emulator on my page? (maybe, if someone, not from this board will check it).
Go ahead. You might want to change the version number on the opening screen :p

The changes arent't too complex. The nice thing about this change is that the emulator runs at the same speed than the text only version.

Anyway, I could really use some debugging on this. Heck, tons of people offered to debug Stardust but I have seen almost no oferring on this Phoenix emulator.

Despite the fact that this emulator actually works and it's more likely to run at full speed than my own attempt.
By the way, i think that this Phoenix emu is most suitable for learning on how-to code for Saturn. If you (and maybe me :)) sometimes complete this emulator and sources will be freely available for public it will helps to many ppls who just want to start code for Saturn (it uses controls, gfx, file loading just all that need by any emulator)

That was my IMHO :)
Funnyly enough, I was considering the same thing ^o^, and was going to ask you for using parts of the code in the 3rd SGL tutorial... My original 3rd tutorial, that basicly covers the same stuff, has problems with an slDMACopy() function :p