Dracula x

Hi there i would appreciate some help on this:

I have a pal saturn (model mk-80200A-50) and i'm using the swap trick.

I have a good copy of dracula x(one data track and another audio).

I use the normal boot procedure but when i switch the original for the copy it takes me to the bios where it says DISC UNSUITABLE FOR THIS SYSTEM. I don't think i'm doing the swap trick incorrectly because if i try the other games i can boot them right at the first try.

Can someone help me? thanks
If it says "Disc not suitable for this system" it means that the Saturn isn't recognizing the CD as a Saturn game. It probably means you've got a bad rip or a bad burn.

If it says "Game disc not suitable for this system" it means that it recognizes the CD as a Saturn game, but it's set to the wrong region for your console. Satconv, as found in the Miscellaneous Section, can help remedy this.
Well i've been checking this and it says GAME DISC NOT SUITABLE FOR THIS SYSTEM... well the thing is i burned the game with clonecd because the rar had 4 files (draculax.ccd,draculax.cue,draculax.img,draculax.sub)...and i don't know how to check the region code with satconv

Mal and MasterAkumaMatata if you could help me on this i would really appreciate it
To check the region, you'll need to:

1 - Re-rip the CD to a bin/cue image and use Satconv on the bin.


2 - Load the Clone CD image into CDMage and save it as a bin/cue and then use Satconv on the bin.


3 - Have a look at the CD using the Sector viewer in CDRWin. Just have a look at sector 0. That will give you all the details that Satconv would.

There may be some clever way of reading the info you need from the Clone CD image using a hex editor, but I wouldn't have a clue. ???
There is a good chance that the DRACULAX.IMG is the same as a regular MODE1/2352 BIN file meaning there is no need to convert the image file. That said, you can use SATCONV.EXE with this command line in DOS:

SATCONV draculax.img

or use SATCCONV.EXE (Win32 version of SATCONV) and open that .IMG file by typing the wildcard string *.* to enable you to select files other than .ISO or .BIN files when you click the "Open ISO File" button. You could also try renaming draculax.img to draculax.bin first and then treat it as if it were a MODE1/2352 BIN file.

I once ran into a situation where I found out the .IMG file of a CloneCD image is the same exact thing as the BIN file after you use CDmage to save it as a BIN+CUE image. How did I came to this conclusion? Well, after saving the CloneCD image file set to a BIN+CUE set using CDmage, I took the CRC of both the .IMG file and the .BIN file and noticed that they were equal.
Well thanks for your help.

I've FINALLY managed to play dracula x...

took me a long time.

I really want to thank mal, masterakumamatata and barracuda(since i'm portuguese it really helped a lot...)
I'm not an expert at CloneCD formats but I *think* that it stores CD images as a standard 2352 bytes/sector file with an .img suffix and the extended subchannel data in a separate file with a different extension, so as you said the .img file format should be exactly the same as a .bin file from cdrwin
That's correct. CloneCD stores the subchannel data in a .sub file and its own, advanced version of a cuesheet in the .ccd file - and it optionally creates a .cue file which, in combination with the .img file, constitutes a raw-mode bin/cue set.