Dragonball Z Shin Butohden

I downloaded the rar off Lockcole2's ftp. I tried using binchunker to convert the bin+cue to iso+mp3 format but have had no such lock. I load the cue and bin into cdrwin but if it isnt in iso i can't convert it with satconv to Us region code. Any suggestions?
*sigh* 3 coasters so far. everytime i use cdrwin it gets stuck at 0% then freezes, i load the cue sheet, i am i supposed to load the bin to as audio? or is there a way to convert it to an iso+mp3 format?
With CDRWin you load the cuesheet and start burning.

The bin and the cue sheet take care of the audio for you.

Have you tried a test burn first?

I use CDMage to extract the iso and wavs from a bin when I need to.
Hmm i did a test burn with fireburner it everything went smoothly, Could you tell me how to convert the bin and cue to iso and mp3 with cdmage? I dont think this game can be burnable :(
Open CDMage.

Open the CDRWin cue sheet in CDMage.

You should see all the tracks displayed in the top right 'all image tracks' window.

Select all of them.

Right click and select extract tracks.

Save them to where you want them.

That should give you an iso and wav files.

(I hope that's correct - I'm working from memory)
Drat, the extracting almost worked but then it send error reading data track on image. Guess rars from both ftps are bad :( thanks for the help :)
So it was burning the lead in and you'd thought it had frozen? Sheesh.

I should have seen that coming...