Dragon's Liar

what do you do in the start of dragon's liar for sega cd

i downloaded it from leprakungen and all it does at the start of the game is walk and fall off the bridge i can't control it or nothing the pause button works fine but i don't have a clue what the #### to do in that game
I being one of the people who uploaded that game I will explain things for you, in this game every singal thing is done by timeing so you can only do a currtin thing at a certin time. I have actually beaten this game the begiaing is very hard but gets alot harder, the controlls for the game are as followed

B button= Action button so this button is used for dirk's sword

Dpad= use the direction arrows to get to certin places

well how you beat the begining is you have to press the b button so dirk will take a sword swip at the tenticals and about half way through the swing press the up button and he should climb up and run inside.

I hope this explains this for you :)
mm... Dragon's Lair LaserDisc... :D

I remember renting it for SegaCD 3749837491 times and never getting more than 4 or 5 boards in.. I have it now and I can't get past the Black Night... *sigh*
ya it is a hard game i owned it played up till the end couldn't get the timing of the last few scenes then sold my sega cd and all it's games for a little more then 300 dollars because i knew it was being discountinued (ya and now i'm downloading all the games i missed out on because i cared more about making a buck off the system then the games).
i know about II, but there's a III???!!!


i heard they're doing a 3-d remake of the original.

that sounds pretty cool

and the gameplay will (hopefully) feel more balanced
yeah!, i remember i bought that game in the 94' i guess, and it was really hard to past, i took 3 months to past the #### bridge, cuz the game it´s not like "Revenge of the Ninja" where you can push the button every time you want (a,a,a, A,a,a) until the moment you need to, and in the Dragon's lair you need to push the right button in the right time and just once no more, for that this game was really hard for me.

its just a matter of remembering the moves to get through a level.

I've had the DVD for some time, pretty easy to muscle through in a half hour or so..

Now, theres Dragons Lair, Dragons Lair II Time Warp, and I've never heard of 3.. Mebbe they mean Space Ace or Braindead 13?

Of course, there were many games for different consoles 'based' on dragons lair.. C64, NES, SNES, etc..

The upcoming PC game sounds kinda cool.. Been reading about it forever.. It's just based on the original, looks to be a 3rd person action/adventure a'la zelda 64.. Though its been vaporware for a few years now..