dreamcast fan

is the fan for the dreamcast on the right side needed? it makes alot of noise and i was wondering if any over heating problems would occur if you disconnect the power.
I sure at some point in the prototyping stage Sega thought

"Gee, I wonder what we could do to push the price of this new system up?"

Then some bright spark may have added

"By Gosh! I'v got it! Let's add some completely unnecessary components that are only there to annoy all our potential customer!"

To which Sega replyed

"Well done, son. You've earned a promotion! Care to be CEO of SoJ?"

Which is why we see Sega in it's current sorry state.

To cut a long story short - who knows? One can only assume it's there for a reason.

(Don't mind the bitter sarcasm, it's not really directed at you - I've been playing Road Avenger...nuff said :biggrin: )

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well, in fact the fan is so important that the DC will not power up if the fan is not spinning or not connected.

if it did, you'd have a completely dead DC within a few mins. ever held your hand in front of it and felt just how warm the air it blows out is?
And there've still been enough over-heating problems with DC's that they sell additional add-on fans for even more cooling power.