Dreamcast Music Video!


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About darn time we had a new one up. Thanks to Chaotic Blue for making this one!

This one takes the video from Soul Calibur 1 and 2 and blends in the music from Madonna's Die Another Day and makes one spectacular Video Game Music Video! The scene transitions are nice and smooth. Also, the file is small at 14.7MB yet the quality is still good. I personally like this one and I hope you do too. Tell Chaotic Blue what you think of the video below as a lot of time and effort was put into the making of it!

As always, you can download this in the Movies section under Music Video and then Dreamcast.
nice video, though I'd rather go with a larger file and better quality....especially with such a great Movie it'd be nice if the quality would have been a little better...

sry, but it's just my opinion ^^ still gr3@t movie :D