dreamcast online

dreamcast runs windows CE right so cant a program be written and put on a private server running windows to act as a sega net so people with DCs can still play against each other

im wondering if this is easily posible or does the whole sega net thing only work with the systems
Windows DOES NOT "run Windows CE"

It has DLLs for cut down DirectX features making for an easy port, but it has no actual Windows CE functionallity
All that you'd really need is a t3 or better, a few unix servers running the correct protocols and you'd be set, really.

I don't happen to have a t3 lying around and I don't know of anyone else who does either. Give it up.
why does it need to be a t3

it cant be a t1 or cable?

im not talking about something that can except a million people

i keep forgeting that about ce -- but a device running win ce can be connected to a network computer

example a bed side medical device located in a ICU with a embeded win ce computer inside is connected to the local network and the doctor can accses (sp) it through his office computer to check how the patient is doing

edit -- fuck im wrong its embeded win xp
hmmm it seems very possible to be able to be a dremacast server if you HAD a server, with a fast-ass connecton using the brodband adapter...